DA Says Reports In South Hadley Increasing

Boston – Just months after 15-year-old Phoebe Prince committed suicide in South Hadley after relentless bullying, allegedly by other students, more teens are saying they’re still being tormented.

The Prince case brought a lot of attention to South Hadley, and yet, at least six other students have since come forward saying they’ve been bullied, state prosecutors said.

After the Prince suicide, the entire country took notice and the state Legislature passed a law to address bullying, and the town has now adopted new rules.

But according to the Boston Herald, the district attorney there said reports of bullying are increasing.

It’s troubling after so much attention over the past several months has focused on taking care of the problem.

State law now requires school staff to report harassment they find out about and the law targets bullying not only in the classroom, but also online.

Nonetheless, the Herald spoke with at least one parent who said she’s afraid to send her son back to school in the fall. His case is now in the courts.