Bullying is a huge epidemic in schools across the country that needs to be stopped. Most schools cannot get a handle on stopping bullying.

Many people suffer from this each and every day. That is why bullying needs to be stopped and or prevented.

I experienced an issue of bullying firsthand. My experience lasted so long that I had to switch schools just to focus. My problems happened in places where there is no supervision, like in the gym locker rooms and in the hallways. Even if there was supervision, there was no stopping this issue. More action against this is needed — more severe punishments or just teaching kids to be nice.

Authorities at the school where I was highly bullied thought it would be beneficial to take me out of the social scene all together. This made me feel like I was the bad guy and it did not help in the end.

Without stopping or preventing this issue, it could end up making the world crumble. Authorities and students need to be made aware of how bad bullying has become.

Please stand up for students who are bullied as they may feel as they do not have a voice. Talk to the schools to ensure safety, and get programs of prevention started. If everyone is made aware, maybe it can make a difference.

Kevin Bradford, Lexington