Damali Keith, Reporter

HOUSTON – How was your child’s first day back to the books?

Did you get details when you asked him or her that question?

One reason knowing the answer is so important is to help stop or avoid bullying.

Thirty percent of teenagers are estimated to be bullied or are bullies themselves.

Experts say one way to help keep your child from being a victim of bullying is to simply have a good conversation with them everyday after school.

Really listen to your kids. If they come home that first day, that first week and you’re asking ‘how was your day?’ They’re going to say ‘oh fine’ and dart off to play video games,” says cyber bullying expert Akilah Willery.

“So be a little more specific: ‘tell me about your English class. Tell me what your routine is going to be’.”

Willery says that opens the door for kids to be more specific about their day.