by Sandy Lucas

What is sack tapping? It is a disturbing trend amongst boys to hit each other in their crotches unexpectedly. This can cause some serious pain and damage. In fact, so much damage that it has resulted in at least one young male having his testicle removed. This trend is even more disturbing because kids like to do this to each on purpose like it’s a game and also to unsuspecting victims.

As moms, how do we handle this? It reminds me of the girls choking each other at sleepovers to get a headrush. These kids think they’re invincible and nothing will happen to them. No parent wants to get a phone call that their child has been seriously hurt because of some stupid prank or dare. What can we do to tell them to make wise decisions when it comes to their bodies? Peer pressure is strong and no boy wants to look like a wimp. Even though I can only imagine being “sack tapped” as being pretty painful, we all know what stigma there is for a teenage boy to show weakness. What do you do to raise your sons to not be stupid and stand up for themselves?